Valerie in Giantland

Novel written by Deanna Lund and Dr. F.R. Eichelman

Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary

Deanna Lund's fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund has just updated her 1992 novel Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Land of the Giants. The revised book features a new colour cover and an epilogue chapter. Copies are available through Friends of Deanna Lund at signings and through Amazon (#ad).


Valerie in Giantland takes place ten years after our
heroes crashed on the Land of the Giants. Without
losing the feel and character of the original story
this novel shows us a more mature group of seven and
relates what has happened to them since the last
episode was shown on TV. Written as a diary by
Valerie, we see her more in depth as well as the other
characters and how the years have made them relate to
each other and their environment.

There are adventures not just in the main Giant city,
but at sea, in the depths of the jungle, and in a
lost civilization of little people that will remind
one of tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs and H. R.
Haggard. They are not alone among the Giants as what
happened to them happened to others and in this novel
there is discovery of colonies of other "little
people". You will finally learn what this land is
really all about and how it relates closely to our own
Earth. The reader will be reunited with Giants who
made appearances in the series and will see how they
tie in together in surprising ways for a major
climactic ending. Actually a beginning as this book
sets the scene for new adventures to come.

The Sci Fi Guy, Forry Ackerman himself praises the
book as being as "fast moving and exciting as an
Indiana Jones adventure". Forry has been the agent for
hundreds of successful authors as well as a critic and
collector with an international reputation. He
compares Valerie in Giantland with the "young adult
fiction by Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein."


"I think what we have here is a novel in the genre
that would appeal to young adults like the early work
of Robert A. Heinlein and Andre Norton. I was really
surprised at the professionalism of it."
- Forest J. Ackerman, Famous Monsters of Filmland Editor, Book
Reviewer, and former agent for 460 science fiction authors.

"It has a fast moving pace with the kind of strong
characters favored by Heinlein and Norton. The book
emphasizes a most powerful idea: the struggle to be
free. At this period in our history it holds a
powerful message at a time when it is needed."
- Ron Rogers, Author and Reviewer.

"A rollicking good action adventure yarn from start to
finish. When do we see a sequel? When do we see a
movie? The original series and Irwin Allen have been
truly honored by this." - Robert Nichols, English
Department Chair and Author.

How to Purchase Valerie in Giantland

The new edition of Valerie in Giantland can be purchased from Friends of Deanna Lund, at signings, and through

Original 1992 copies of Valerie in Giantland can still be found occasionally on eBay and other book retailer websites.

Valerie in Giantland - A novel by actress Deanna Lund and Dr. Fred R. Eichelman
1992 edition cover